The challenge:
To retain members in a declining market, and differentiate themselves on the factors that are important to members, such as digital self-service and faster benefits processes.

The solution:
Streamlining the entire benefits area using IBM BPM suite – a process-oriented development platform for agile development. Routine processes are automated, and development work is significantly facilitated through modelling instead of coding.



The challenge:

  • Lack of knowledge sharing and collaboration among Business and IT limits process streamlining to individual teams.
  • Processes that achieve similar aims vary from department to department with no single best practice.
  • Lack of common process standards such as methods and tools.

The Solution:
BPM implementation covering “Best Practices”, Tools and Process governance on corporate level. BPM workshops are facilitated by Business Analyst to support the Business.



The challenge:

  • Due to the market situation there were a need to optimize efficiency and improve profitability.
  • Lack of visibility and end-to-end process view.

The Solution:

  • Business process management is about continuously optimizing business processes. This continuous optimization requires companies to take action to improve business processes throughout the process lifecycle.
  • Implementing BPM gives our company a holistic approach to business process that provides deep visibility and synchronization in both design and execution across all processes to serve our goal.