Futurum IT acquired by BP3 Global

Futurum IT has worked with BP3 over the last year and we felt that there was a very good match between our corporate strategy and approach to the market. A synergy we want to be able to utilize to a much greater extent than is possible today. We have therefore chosen to go along with BP3 Global and created BP3 Nordics, who will be responsible for disseminating BP3 services in the Nordic countries.

My partner Bent and I are appointed as Directors of BP3 Nordics, which was established with effect June 6th.

What does this mean for our current customers and partners?
Here and now it simply means that we will have a different color and logo on the business card, but going forward, it means that we will have access to far more resources in terms of products based on the IBM BPM platform and 200+ talented people who worked in the field for years.

We look forward to this opportunity to grow BPM business and hope you will enjoy using the new services we can provide in the future.