SSP adoption strategy

Given the challenges described, our transformation approach origins from two coordinated fronts: agility and measurement.

  • The first focus is to drive a maturity and readiness analysis. We look at how we can make a shift in the development process to “agility@scale.” It’s an approach to scaling agile practices to larger, more distributed development teams in order to improve software development efficiency, lower development costs, and, ultimately, improve customer satisfaction.
  • The second focus is to determine the business goals and very intentionally measure improvement toward those goals. Not only will it drive your organization toward a more agile approach, but also measure the effectiveness of the effort. Companies need to get to a higher level of development intelligence, driving top-down views of overall project health across the portfolio based on bottom-up, on-demand data.



The first successful project is an opportunity to identify best practices, roles, methodology, and a baseline against which your organization can measure future success. After the first project it is important to establish a roadmap for the rest of the implementation – a SSC program has to be established. When companies have scaled their delivery capabilities, established a Governance model and Center of Excellence the focus is to adapt within LOB/Enterprise in order to scale business impact and align strategy and execution goals