the future of retailing

The “future” era of retailing is marked by dramatic changes!

The “future” era of retailing is marked by dramatic changes!


The physical and digital worlds are converging and seamless shopping – true omni-channel retailing – is a must for today’s retailers.

Most importantly, retailers must fulfil on demand, providing flexible options for placing, changing, returning and delivering orders profit­ably.

For retailers, there are three imperatives that all organizations have to get right:

  • Deliver a smarter shopping experience
  • Build smarter merchandising and supply networks
  • Drive smarter operations

These imperatives together means – connecting with consumers, operating efficiently and capturing loyalty to gain market share and driving profitable growth.

Personalizing customer Experience

“Retailers have to leverage mobile solutions to improve experiential shopping and increase satisfaction”

The ever-evolving mobility space means retailers need to adapt quickly to Mobile technology. It serves a dual purpose for retailers, supporting both the employees and customers who consider a mobile device part of their daily lives.

Bringing knowledge of the customer can help Retailers facilitate the customer’s decision making with access to purchase histories, preferences, loyalty program status, and tailored recommendations. With access to previous customer engagement, Retailers don’t have to restart the conversation every time they connect with the customer. Mobile bridges the gap between the customer’s online activity and the store visit.

In order to fulfil cross-channel orders mobility plays an important role. If Retailers want to meet the customer’s need in the aisle, and to close more sales, they have to be able to make the sourcing and delivery a seamless part of that interaction.